Cool Planet Bikes, LLC specializes in custom building, restoring and updating high end and hard to find used bikes and parts. My passion is "restomodding" American handmade titanium bikes - many from brands that are no longer in production. I always have way more stuff than I have listed that I either haven't had time to post or am saving for custom builds, so please let me know what you are looking for and I can probably help you find it. Or if you have a vision for a build or something to trade or sell I'd be happy to discuss that also.
Cool Planet Bikes, LLC is a triple bottom line business with a core focus on people, planet, and profit. Reuse is the primary strategy for waste reduction both by putting used bikes back on the road and in shipping practices. We are a nearly zero waste shop powered entirely by solar energy. Virtually all of our packaging is reused and nearly all "waste" is repurposed, recycled or donated to local bike non-profits. All shipping associated emissions are offset by the purchase of carbon credits included in the shipping price.


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